January 26, 2009

For You Jenny, Because You Asked SO Nicely! (love you too, Jenny:)

I suppose I have to start this entry with an apology. Not exactly what I had in mind when I said something anew would begin. I didn't mean to leave you hanging like that. The truth is...life is really busy. I mean, really, really busy. Really. I know this is a hard concept for some (or maybe many) to grasp. I mean that in all sincerity. Because I am tired of uttering any phrase that has the words I and busy in it. I can hear so many minds thinking things like: What could a stay at home mom possibly be so busy with? Or questioning: 'who is THAT busy?' It makes me wonder about how we are supposed to pull it all off. Whether we are working outside the home, or inside the home - why are we all so busy? Why aren't the things that make us happy always the first priority? Shouldn't they be? For the last little while, I have had no 'free' time to check any of the blogs I regularly...let alone write a post of my own. Or even come up with an idea for one. So, my friends, I am doing my very best, I promise you. I will try to be here as often as possible. Sometimes it might be a month in between, and sometimes it might be a day. But I will be checking in on all of you much more often...


Blogger Bloggy Mama said...

Peace, Vicki.
Hugs to your clan!

4:43 PM  
Blogger Jeremy said...

It's a life stage. Even when every moment of our day isn't full, our energy is the issue...being tired makes you feel busy.

Why did the old blog get deleted? Seemed like there was some cool family history in there already.

4:51 PM  
Blogger Jenny said...

LOL - Cute, very cute. You know that I just wanted to "nudge" you a little to get a post out of you. I have days/weeks/months like this where I feel like I have to out-source things like blog posts & date nights. Is there anyone out there that I could hire to get that done for me? Hmm, NO?
Too bad, I work full time and do massage on the side, have 2 active kids, and an acreage.. so I know about busy too. And even after all that.... I still give PROPS to all the SAHM's becuase working "inside" the home is waaayyy harder than what I do. So I hear ya - and I guess I can cut you some slack .. I just love to hear about you guys and see pictures. ((HUGS)) Oh.. and.. I am planning a trip to S'land this summer.. is there any time that's better than another for you guys?

8:30 AM  

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