August 31, 2009

Happy Birthday, Lauren!

You're 3!!!!

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August 11, 2009

Megan. She's 9

My daughter is amazing. She makes me proud each and every day. She is beautiful inside and out. She makes me smile, and makes me want to be a better person. I am blessed beyond all measure. Happy Birthday to my favourite oldest daughter!
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July 26, 2009

Hung Over

This guy lives in my yard. I haven't seen many overweight birds, and he makes me smile. Just thought I'd share this funny guy chillaxin' in my tree...
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July 21, 2009

Proof we know each other...

We have been married over 11 years and there is proof in the fact that we have 3 beautiful children that we have met - but there is very little evidence that we spend any time together. Neither of us has our picture taken very often, and if we do, it is usually with one or all of the kids. The other is almost always the behind the camera. We were able to attend a beautiful wedding on Saturday and this picture was taken just before the fires started in the valley. By Megan. She's the new photographer in our house...and she loves it. Although the sun is a bit of an issue in this picture...she did fabulously. So this is Megan's debut picture. If she becomes famous one day for her talent in photography, we can all say that we knew her work back in '09. Great job, Meg! Thanks for helping mommy and daddy have photographic evidence that we have indeed met!
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July 14, 2009

What it's all about

This is the life. This is what we're up to...

April 26, 2009

If Static Was my Hairdresser...

February 23, 2009

TwentyFive because now I'm ThirtyOne

  1. ...25 things about me you may or may not know... I have been tagged on that silly little website for friends. I haven't posted this there yet. I'll be a little different. In just a couple places. Thought I could post a bit more personal here... 1. I was born in Montreal to a mom who would be turning 18 the next month. I can’t imagine how hard it would be to start raising a baby at 18. 2. My dad passed away before I ever really knew him. I was a baby. 3. I wish I had known my father. I have never called anyone ‘dad’ 4. My grandfather is the closet thing to a dad I have ever known. He passed away when I was 12. 5. My grandmother (most know her as nanny) is just as amazing as my grandpa. 6. I used to be a professional Hawaiian dancer. Yes, it’s true. 7. I have never been to Hawaii (yes, that’s true, too) but it is on my list. 8. My French is slowly fading away from my memory. I wish it wasn’t. 9. If I could only change ONLY one thing about my appearance, it would be adding a few inches to my height. I am almost five foot two. My clothes cost more than the tag because I have to hem ALL my pants. It sucks. 10. I love a good debate… 11. My husband would say that I think I’m always right. Of course I do, who disagrees with their own opinion? 12. Sometimes I am not right. 13. I have three brothers that are MUCH younger than I am. They are 22, 15, and 13. 14. I married the love of my life when I was 20. Sometimes forever should start as soon as possible. 15. Together we have 3 girls. He lives in a pink world. And loves it (most of the time). 16. I have a ridiculous amount of black T-shirts. It’s not that I love black…or T-shirts. It just happened. 17. I hate to see people hurting. It makes me hurt, too. 18. I love sunny days! 19. I wish I had more time with my friends, because although I don’t see (or talk to) friends as often as I would like, I appreciate every single one of them! 20. I am blessed. Beyond measure. 21. I turned 30 last year (I will be 31 soon) and I still feel like I’m 12. And that my friends are 12, too. When did we all grow up? 22. I think Jill knows almost all of my secrets. 23. I don’t have a tattoo, but I used to have a belly button piercing 24. Public bathrooms make my skin crawl. 25. I love making lists...but this one was a little harder than most.

February 3, 2009

Brain Games I haven't tried it yet, but looks really interesting. Thought I'd share.

January 26, 2009

For You Jenny, Because You Asked SO Nicely! (love you too, Jenny:)

I suppose I have to start this entry with an apology. Not exactly what I had in mind when I said something anew would begin. I didn't mean to leave you hanging like that. The truth is really busy. I mean, really, really busy. Really. I know this is a hard concept for some (or maybe many) to grasp. I mean that in all sincerity. Because I am tired of uttering any phrase that has the words I and busy in it. I can hear so many minds thinking things like: What could a stay at home mom possibly be so busy with? Or questioning: 'who is THAT busy?' It makes me wonder about how we are supposed to pull it all off. Whether we are working outside the home, or inside the home - why are we all so busy? Why aren't the things that make us happy always the first priority? Shouldn't they be? For the last little while, I have had no 'free' time to check any of the blogs I regularly...let alone write a post of my own. Or even come up with an idea for one. So, my friends, I am doing my very best, I promise you. I will try to be here as often as possible. Sometimes it might be a month in between, and sometimes it might be a day. But I will be checking in on all of you much more often...

January 7, 2009

Starting Anew

A new start, that is. Soon.